Punirunes – 17



2022 Roundup

What a year it’s been. Now that 2022 is wrapping up, it’s time to give a retrospective for the year.

Last year, I worked on a total of 34 releases. This year that number jumped up to a big 179. A stark increase obviously, though the number is a bit deceptive on its own. My count (per the spreadsheet where I track everything I’ve work on) includes every file as a “release” whether it’s a short versus a full episode versus a movie, and regardless of how much I contributed, but it doesn’t count v2/end batches. So maybe including Molcar where I just dumped title translations in a Discord channel as 12 releases is a bit of a stretch, but I still worked on a lot more than I expected to this year.

Dive below the break as I look back on everything I worked on!

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